Americans have some crazy and weird traditions along the year. Some others are very sweet indeed. Yesterday, 27th January, it was Chocolate Cake Day and we celetrated in class.

Yesterday in our speaking session with adults, we talked about chocolate and chocolate cake recipes. At the end, we all tried a delicious piece of chocolate sponge cake.

Learning something about the word «chocolate»

  • chocolate can be a countable or uncountable noun. If it is countable, it means «bombón o chocolatina». If it is uncountable, we refers it to the liquid or substance
  • In English, we do not use the word «chocalate» to speak about drugs (that would be «hash» in English)
  • When we speak about the colour we also say «chocolate-coloured»
  • Remember that adjectives in English come before the noun, and that is the most common way to define the noun:
    • barra de chocolate- chocolate bar
    • chocolate blanco- white chocolate
    • chocolate negro, amargo- bitter or dark chocolate
    • chocolate con leche- milk chocolate
    • virutas de chocolate- chocolate chips
    • onza de chocolate- chocolate square or section

Learn how to cook it HERE if you feel hungry now!!

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