If you’ve searched online for English resources before, you might have already heard of Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone is probably the most famous method for learning languages.

It’s also very a unique method compared to many others.

Usually, an English app teaches you English with explanations in your native language. For example, if you’re French, you’ll see French explanations of English grammar, or French translations of English words.

But Rosetta Stone doesn’t do that – it teaches you English with English.

Rosetta Stone has exercises designed to help you learn basic words, before forming phrases and longer sentences.

Using this method, Rosetta Stone manages to teach you many new English words and phrases without using your native language. It’s a very immersive method.

I would recommend this if you would like to try learning English without relying on your native language.


Rosetta Stone English Learning interactive method: A immensely practical way to learn the English language