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When you learn a second language you should also learn about the culture and traditions of  the  country or countries where that language is learned. To help you do so, here you are some activities with which you will reinforce your listening and reading comprehension skills while you learn the Irish culture. I hope you will also have some fun playing some games.

Listen to the video and take a quiz about the history of St. Patrick’s Day.

Read-Listen to the text and then do the task

St. Patty’s Games:



Several St. Patrick’s Day Games

St. Pat’s Day Riddles and Jokes


Do you want to know any facts and news about Valentine’s Day. Here you are a web page where you can read and listen about it. Enjoy it and have a really happy day whether you have a valentine lover or not.

Click on the heart!

You may want to know about Valentine’s Day around the world! If you may just click on the link and get amazed how different cultures around the world are!
Here you are a listening game about Valentine’s Day!
Play this language game and learn expressions related to love!
And here you have even more: Valentine’s Day Interactive Games and Activities


In speaking classes we usually play games or some some activities in which we have to make questions to our classmates and it is time to know more about the intercourse of asking a question and giving an answer.

Misterduncar teaches you in this video how to answer a question and a lot of interesting vocabulary and expressions related to the topic. I hope you like it and enjoy learning new things!


Here you are some amusing games where you can test your knowledge about the United States of America. In these games you will be asked to place the states in their right place on a map. Good luck!
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4


I would like to recomend you a very interesting and useful webpage where you could practice listening and reading comprehension meanwhile you learn also a lot of new vocabulary, espressions and curiosities about life!!

I am talking about the HOT ENGLISH MAGAZINE, which you probably know because there is a printable version in your kiosk. You can subscribe as a learner and receive a different reading and listening with exercises every via email, and you can save this documents and work on them whenever you want. It is really useful if you want to practice your listening skills. Click on the links above and start practicing!

As you probably know, we can practice our listening at home, here you have a web page where you can find some interviews, tv programs and radio station where you can listen music in English, enjoy it!!!.

click here


In this websites you can find interesting and useful expressions to express personal opinion.
List of expressions
How to express opinion (with explanations and examples)
Agreeing and disagreeing with an opinion
Useful phrases to express opinion (with Spanish translation)

Try this video to learn more things about giving opinions. It is a good way to practise your listening skills too, as it is a clear English and you can read the trascription on the subtitles if you need it.


Do you want to know everything about last elections in the UK?
You can read some articles, watch some videos and learn more about political parties in the UK in the bbc.
Here you have a link. GO TO THE WEBPAGE


Do you know what a kilt is? Click here and learn more about this strange garmet Scottish men sometimes wear.
By the way, do you know where it is under the kilt? Watch this video and guess!


We have watched the film in class and  you already have a list of the glossary from the film.


Here you are a webpage where some parts of the film are analysed.
Would you like to have the list of the soundtrack?


Do you remember the rhyme? I spy, with  my little eyes, something beginning with…”
Last day session we were talking about what the people in the picture were doing. Next day we will play
“I spy” and you will have to guess who my favourite character in the picture is. Can you? click below to see the picture.

View image


What do you like to do in your free time? Here you are some links where you can practise with listening games, videos and activities related to hobbies and free time activities. I hope you enjoy all of them. Remember that you can use an online dictionary just clicking on ‘online dictionary’ that you can find in ‘favourites’, on the right.listening 1                      video 1
listening 2
listening 3


Here you have a video where you can practice your listening and learn something about the famous English humour. I hope you like it.


We all like famous people, and here we have a page where we can listen to some stories told by the star you choose. Come on!! don´t be shy!!


And as we already know you love tuenti and these kind of sites. Well, here I propose you a site where you can do the same as in tuenti but in English.Sounds good,does it?


Summer is here!!!!

we have free time, the weather is good, and you spend time with your friends, but be careful!!! there are some sickness, and here you have a video explaining it.

 Hi guys!!
Last Thursday, American people celebrated Thanksgiving. This is just an American tradition but we can learn some culture about it. Here is the video we saw in class, I hope you liked it!!! click on VIDEO