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Football is probably the most popular sport in Spain, and perhaps in the whole world. Because of that, and because of the world championship which is coming soon, we got advantage of if and learnt something about the vocabulary related to it. For this reason, we had the help of the famous Spanish footballer Juan Mata, who is playing in the Premier League, in England. Here you have a video where you can watch and listen to him speaking in English. Sometimes is good and motivating when you listen to a person you know speaking in English. Here you have the video. I hope you understand, if not all, most of it.


Yummy, yummy!!

Hi everybody!!

It is very trendy on nowadays Television those kind of programmes where people compete cooking. Getting advantage of this, we are learning some words, expressions and even recipes with the help of the very well known English chef Rick Stein.
Here you are a video of one of his recipes for you to know him better.
Yummy, yummy!!

Modal verbs

Modals are a peculiar kind of verbs since they work in a different way from the rest of the verbs. This verbs do not need auxiliary verbs because they can work as auxiliaries, do not have inflection in the third person singular of the present simple, and they are followed by infinitives without ‘to’ among others. Here you have some links where you can practice with modal auxiliaries. It is not difficult once you have clear their uses. I hope it is useful!!


As we are learning something about music, here you are an interview of the members of the Irish band “U2”. I hope you like it as much as I do.  

Enjoy it!

Mardi Gras

Contrary to what we all thought, carnival has a religious origin. It was the last day people could eat meat or anything coming from animals like eggs and milk, before Lent. For that reason, this was a day of celebration and big parties. All of this is very well explained in the following video:

Nowadays, Carnival is a big party celebrated worldwide, but there are some places where Carnival is especially important such as Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Cadiz or Canary Islands.
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