Watch the video below and try to understand what these people did yesterday.

Here you can learn about the form and uses of the Simple Past. Notice that you have some links on the document to new information (about irregular verbs and the form ‘used to’)

Simple Past_uses.docYou know there are two groups of verbs when we study the simple past: REGULAR and IRREGULAR verbs. We will talk about REGULAR VERBS on the first place.

When we study the past simple of the regular verbs we have to study the SPELLING and the PRONUNCIATION very carefully. Before practising, you can study the rules you need about these two aspects if you click on the following link:

past simple-spelling and pronunciation rules.doc
You need to practise all this:


Here you are some pages where you can do some exercises online and check if they are right!
Exercise 1 (only the first exercise is about regular verbs)
Exercise 2 (fill in the gaps)
Exercise 3 (personal information and past simple)
Exercise 4 (write sentences in the past)
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Wordsearch (look for ten regular verbs)


You need to listen how the ending -ed is pronounced, so here you are a web page to do so: pronunciation of -ed. This is quite difficult to do, but if you practise a lot it will be easier. Here you are two pages where you can practise the pronunciation of the ending -ed.

1 Listen and choose how the past ending -ed is pronounced.

2 Listen and choose if the pronunciation is correct or wrong.

It is time now to study PAST SIMPLE of IRREGULAR VERBS in English. To do so you have below a video for listening comprehension practise and some webpages with explanations and exercises.

Here you are now the list of IRREGULAR verbs in English and a link to a webpage with exercises for pracitse. Here you are another webpage with explanations and exercises.

Exercise 1 (was or were)

Exercise 2 (was or were)

Exercise 3 (fill in the gaps)

Exercise 4 , Exercise 5, Exercise 6, Exercise 7 (put the words in order)

Lots of exercises


These Were the Days of Our Lifes by Queen.

Yesterday by The Beatles

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

No Reply by The Beatles

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt


Sample Past Tense. Read the text and write a similar one telling what happened to you.

Try this exercise about linkers

List of linkers





Click here and surf a very interesting webpage where you will learn everything about the Present Simple tense in English. Therefore, you will also find some exercises for practice.


Fill in the gaps 1
Fill in the gaps 2
Fill in the gaps 3
Multiple choice 1
Multiple choice 2
Multiple choice 3
Scrambled sentences 1
Scrambled sentences 2
Scrambled sentences 3
Scrambled sentences 4
Many more exercises

Click here for a complete list of state verbs, a video and exercise to learn these verbs.