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The Statue of Liberty

'Statue of liberty' photo (c) 2011, Rakkhi Samarasekera - license:

We have been talking in our speaking class about this great monument in New York. Now is time for you to keep on practicing with some reading and listening. And… anyway, I hope you can ever travel and see it there!

The following link gives you lots of sites where you can learn about the statue of liberty, just an excuse to practice your English.


And now, just a video to listen about the history of the Statue. I hope you understand the American accent well!


Last week we talked about Groundhog’s Day in our speaking class. It was 2nd February when thousands of people met in some parts of the USA, especially Pensylvania, in order to see what Phil has to say about weather.

The tradition says that there will be six more weeks of winter if the groundhog can see its shadow. However, spring will come soon if the groundhog cannot see it.

Read more about 2016 prediction HERE.

Do some listening comprehension HERE.



Americans have some crazy and weird traditions along the year. Some others are very sweet indeed. Yesterday, 27th January, it was Chocolate Cake Day and we celetrated in class.

Yesterday in our speaking session with adults, we talked about chocolate and chocolate cake recipes. At the end, we all tried a delicious piece of chocolate sponge cake.

Learning something about the word «chocolate»

  • chocolate can be a countable or uncountable noun. If it is countable, it means «bombón o chocolatina». If it is uncountable, we refers it to the liquid or substance
  • In English, we do not use the word «chocalate» to speak about drugs (that would be «hash» in English)
  • When we speak about the colour we also say «chocolate-coloured»
  • Remember that adjectives in English come before the noun, and that is the most common way to define the noun:
    • barra de chocolate- chocolate bar
    • chocolate blanco- white chocolate
    • chocolate negro, amargo- bitter or dark chocolate
    • chocolate con leche- milk chocolate
    • virutas de chocolate- chocolate chips
    • onza de chocolate- chocolate square or section

Learn how to cook it HERE if you feel hungry now!!

You can visit this website if you want to find out other bizzard traditions and celebrations. CELEBRATIONS


Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes Day

Do you know what kind of celebration is that? Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated in Britain, 5th November.

We talked about this event during our last Speaking Class and now you can read more about this tradition as well as improving your listening skills with the videos and exercises you will find below.

Bonfire Night: Watch the video and answer the questions. You can follow the transcript while listening if you want, and even download it.

Guy Fawkes: Listen to a radio programme about Guy Fawkes, learn new vocabulary, take a quiz and read the transcript if you want.

Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night: A website to learn all about this celebration.


The Origins of Halloween

As I promised in our Speaking Class… here you are the video we where watching when talking about Halloween last weeks.

I hope you enjoy all the information and history that woman tells us in her clear English 😉



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