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Describe and draw

One of the funiest activities has been “Describe and Draw”. This consists on one of person describing a picture and the other person tries to draw it with the instructions given. Sometimes the result has nothing to do with the original picture, but the important thing is that we learnt and enjoy at the same time.

Your Performances

All of you are great actors and actresses, and here you demonstrated. In this activity studenst had to invent a dialogue and then perform if after being given a “special” situation.

Here, you can see some of you performing:


English conversations

How do you learn to ride a bike…? Just RIDING A BIKE!! So, how do you learn to speak English…? Just, SPEAKING ENGLISH? And how do you learn to understand English…? Just, LISTENING ENGLISH!! Here you are a video with real conversations in English, although it has subtitles, try not to read them and understand the conversation by listening. Good luck!!

Increase your vocabulary

The best way to increase your vocabulary is reading. Reading is very important for learning vocabulary,but also grammar. So that, here you are a video where you can see a clear explanation on how to increase your vocabulary. I hope you all follow its instructions and you could learn a lot!!


This video shows perfectly the meaning and use of emotion words in english. There are no subtitles, but you already know the vocabylary and you should be able to understand almost everything. 
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