Watching videos is a good way to practise English. In the webpage videojug you can watch videos of many different kids and topics. You just have to choose a channel and a video and start practising! As it is said on the webpage…

What is Videojug?

1000s of videos, articles, answers & people, here to help you. You can do anything & Videojug will show you how - it’s all free, so get involved and get good!

So click here and look for that video you would like to see though the channels or just using the seach engine.
Good luck and happy watching and listening!

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  1. Hello, i have seen this web site and i liked,the channels are very interesting, but i haven´t got time enough to practice… oh my god!! what can you recomend me??

  2. Mª Luisa Sánchez

    19 noviembre, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Hello and thanks for your comment. If you like the webpage and you don’t have time enough to practise, I would recomend you to choose one channel you are interested in and watch any video from that channel. And take into account that it is more important to practise 10 minutes a day than one hour a week, so why don’t you watch one video you like once a day?

  3. Thanks for your recommendation, I will try to follow it.

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