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It is always really useful for everyone to have a good English language dictionary in our mobile phone, and the ERUDITE APP is one of the best you can find either in the GOOGLE PLAY for Android systems or in the APP STORE for ios. The only difference between them is just the same as always, it is a free application for Android but not for the Apple devices.

It combines the English dictionary with a translator, didactic cards, conversation guide  and exercises. It is one of the most efficient application to learn English.


These are the features of the dictionary:

  • Detailed definitions
  • Great amount of examples
  • Looking up and managing of the search history
  • Spelling suggestions

If you want to have a look at its website to know everything about it, you can follow this link:

Erudite website


One of the most difficult (and also boring, for sure) aspects of the English grammar is when we begin to study the Simple Past which, obviously, implies that we begin to learn the so famous Irregular Verbs List. Maybe because it is just a matter of memorizing, we always consider this as one of the most monotonous and soporific parts of our English language learning but, as we all know, it is an essential part of this same learning process.

In order to help you with this task, I suggest you all some different websites in which you can find different tricks or simply ways to learn them by heart. At the end of the post I also attach another different links full of games or funny activities for those young learners which will make really easier for them to learn the irregular verbs.

EspressoEnglish : This site is focused on the different patterns that follow some groups of the irregular verbs. This one subdivides all the verbs into a great amount of categories.

Englisch-hilfen: This German site tells us how to learn them according to a classification of just 5 groups. It deals with 8 different tricks to learn them all.

These links are for younger learners:

Jeopardy: Much like the «Jeopardy!» suggestion above, this Quia game allows players to select questions of different values about irregular verbs.

Memory Game: Students match pairs of words based on both their memory and grammatical skills.

Different activities: ESL - A host of activities appropriate to ESL learners are listed.

To finish with the post, I can’t forget the most skilful learners, for them I give this site in which you can learn a lot of ‘not so common’ irregular verbs:

Unusual irregular verbs

It is only suitable for the most advanced ones!





One of the funniest and, at the same time, most productive ways of learning a foreign language is by listening to music. Anyone can improve his/her English while listening to his/her favourite groups or singers if they are English spoken people, of course.

In the website I recommend all of you today, LYRICS TRAINING, you can find thousands of videos of all-time musical groups in which you will have to fill the gaps of the hidden words while you are listening to that song.

There are four different levels in this listening-game with an increasing difficulty to complete the lyrics of the tune: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Expert, being this last level the most difficult one, just because you have to write down all the lyrics of the song.

This is a marvellous way of practising two essential skills in the learning of a foreign language, that is to say, Listening and Writing, though Reading is, in some way, also implicit in the exercise.

There are much more possibilities to practice with a foreign language, not only English, because you can choose another ones, such as Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish or even Japanese.

Here you have the link:

  Learning English with LYRICS TRAINING

Give it a try!

QUIZMASTER by British Council

Nowadays we don’t have to be in front of our computers or inside our houses to practice the English Language,  mobile phones have spread widely in our everyday life, they help us with everything and, of course, with learning.  There are lots of applications we can set up in our phones to practice our English, but this time I am going to recommend you an interesting and funny one, which is called:

Quizmaster by British Council:

This is a free Android application for English learners and it is targeted to those students from Beginner to Intermediate level.

This app let you do it in a game style. There are three kind of quiz here: spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Each is divided into three levels (easy, medium, and hard).

For grammar quiz, you’ll find four topics inside each level. Some topics are: prepositions and irregular verbs for easy level, gerunds and more or less for medium level, modal and conjunctions for hard level.

Most quizzes came in the form of multiple choices, but always with time limit. You get audio feedback every time you enter an answer, and you can see the correct answer at the end of the test.

I give you a screenshot of any of its tests, I hope you enjoy it!


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