One of the funniest and, at the same time, most productive ways of learning a foreign language is by listening to music. Anyone can improve his/her English while listening to his/her favourite groups or singers if they are English spoken people, of course.

In the website I recommend all of you today, LYRICS TRAINING, you can find thousands of videos of all-time musical groups in which you will have to fill the gaps of the hidden words while you are listening to that song.

There are four different levels in this listening-game with an increasing difficulty to complete the lyrics of the tune: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Expert, being this last level the most difficult one, just because you have to write down all the lyrics of the song.

This is a marvellous way of practising two essential skills in the learning of a foreign language, that is to say, Listening and Writing, though Reading is, in some way, also implicit in the exercise.

There are much more possibilities to practice with a foreign language, not only English, because you can choose another ones, such as Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish or even Japanese.

Here you have the link:

  Learning English with LYRICS TRAINING

Give it a try!