Nowadays we don’t have to be in front of our computers or inside our houses to practice the English Language,  mobile phones have spread widely in our everyday life, they help us with everything and, of course, with learning.  There are lots of applications we can set up in our phones to practice our English, but this time I am going to recommend you an interesting and funny one, which is called:

Quizmaster by British Council:

This is a free Android application for English learners and it is targeted to those students from Beginner to Intermediate level.

This app let you do it in a game style. There are three kind of quiz here: spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Each is divided into three levels (easy, medium, and hard).

For grammar quiz, you’ll find four topics inside each level. Some topics are: prepositions and irregular verbs for easy level, gerunds and more or less for medium level, modal and conjunctions for hard level.

Most quizzes came in the form of multiple choices, but always with time limit. You get audio feedback every time you enter an answer, and you can see the correct answer at the end of the test.

I give you a screenshot of any of its tests, I hope you enjoy it!