One of the most difficult (and also boring, for sure) aspects of the English grammar is when we begin to study the Simple Past which, obviously, implies that we begin to learn the so famous Irregular Verbs List. Maybe because it is just a matter of memorizing, we always consider this as one of the most monotonous and soporific parts of our English language learning but, as we all know, it is an essential part of this same learning process.

In order to help you with this task, I suggest you all some different websites in which you can find different tricks or simply ways to learn them by heart. At the end of the post I also attach another different links full of games or funny activities for those young learners which will make really easier for them to learn the irregular verbs.

EspressoEnglish : This site is focused on the different patterns that follow some groups of the irregular verbs. This one subdivides all the verbs into a great amount of categories.

Englisch-hilfen: This German site tells us how to learn them according to a classification of just 5 groups. It deals with 8 different tricks to learn them all.

These links are for younger learners:

Jeopardy: Much like the «Jeopardy!» suggestion above, this Quia game allows players to select questions of different values about irregular verbs.

Memory Game: Students match pairs of words based on both their memory and grammatical skills.

Different activities: ESL - A host of activities appropriate to ESL learners are listed.

To finish with the post, I can’t forget the most skilful learners, for them I give this site in which you can learn a lot of ‘not so common’ irregular verbs:

Unusual irregular verbs

It is only suitable for the most advanced ones!